V.V. is an independent artist. He has had several art classes throughout his academic career from the Chicago-land area. The artist’s work is influenced based on still life scenery (using acrylic and watercolor paints.) His paintings, from his short story book series (soon to be revealed and announced) is influenced by Rod Serling’s television series The Night Gallery (as well as The Twilight Zone), in which the artists, Jaroslav “Jerry” Gebr, and Tom Wright, painted abstracts or literal representations of the story being presented on the television series. V.V. uses multiple mediums for his work, which includes: fine tip pen work, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, water color pencils, colored pencils, and chalk. He will soon explore the use and techniques of oil painting/paints in future artwork(s). Stay tuned, more to come!

Vince Volpert is a self-published writer. He writes for entertainment. His novel series, The Artist’s Rant (TM) (Copyright 2012-2014), has been in development for several years. He continues to create new stories for the series. In addition, he has several other novels on the way, independent to The Artist’s Rant (TM) series (Copyright 2012-2013 Vince Volpert) series. Stay tuned!

Hmm…V.V., and Vince Volpert…is there a connection? Nah!

To read about Vince’s art tips/techniques/suggestions, you can read his blog here!

Want to know when Vince updates his blog? You can find out on his google+ and twitter pages!

Want to see what Vince will upload next on youtube? You can view his youtube channel here!

Additionally, Vince also enjoys playing video games (especially fighting games (i.e., Street Fighter))! Vince has been given a great opportunity to write reviews, previews, and articles related to video games, working along with the wonderful Press Start to Play team!  You can read his review/previews/articles (and other excellent video game writers’s reviews/previews/articles and podcasts) on the excellent video game web site, Press Start to Play!

Are you interested in learning how to paint and/or draw? Try taking one of Vince’s classes! Find out more at the following links!:



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